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X275 Triple Threat! – Bruder, Marinis and Moyer Champions!

Wow what a weekend! NCRC customers won all three big X275 races the first weekend in October. Photo Courtesy Texas Borderline Photography First on the list, Mr. Turbo Todd Moyer, the man who’s taken home more money in X275 than any other racer this year, scored another win at Houston Motorsports Park. Just a week […]

Moyer Wins Back To Back X275 Radial Revenge at TRP

Photo Courtesy Kim’s Drag Racing Photography “Turbo” Todd Moyer won the BIG Radial Revenge Race at Tulsa Raceway Park July 19th, he’s been the man to beat here lately with big wins in Denton and the previous Radial Revenge race in Tulsa! Moyer, the number 3 qualifier ran the fastest side by side X275 race […]

Moyer Big $10,000 X275 Winner at North Star Dragway

Photo Courtesy of Max Cackle Photos Turbo Todd Moyer captured the big $10,000 win for the 1st EX275 race of the season at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas April 13th. Moyer defeated Shane Fisher in the final 4.603 to Fishers 4.609 with a DQ/Red Light to take home the big bucks! Congratulations Todd and […]

Taylor Slaughters Pro Extreme Record plus Big Winners at PDRA #1

[youtube id=”c-AXdgWgPVk” mode=”normal” align=”center”] Taylor Slaughters The Record in Pro Extreme Frankie Taylor does it again, he was first to the 50’s, now in 2014 he had landed another World Record in Pro Extreme. Taylor laid down an amazing 3.485@216.97 during qualifying at Rockingham – the 1st to the 40’s!!! That pass of course put […]