NCRC Customers Lock Down 1 Record, 6 Wins & 3 Runner Ups at XDRL Budd’s Creek!!!

Team NCRC was certainly in the house at the XDRL Race in Budd’s Creek July 27th!! Our customers recorded 1 Pro Extreme Record, 6 Wins and 3 Runner Ups – they certainly represented at this race! We’re very proud to be a part of these great Teams Racing Programs!!!

 Brandon Pesz Pro Extreme Winner - Gateway

Photo Courtesy XDRL

Brandon Pesz and Tim Tindle wrapped up the makup race from the last XDRL race in St. Louis with another All NCRC final. Brandon in the Kryptonite Kustomz Corvette came out on top with a very quick 3.609@208.78 over Tindle’s 3.866@198.52. That win put Pesz in the points lead going into the Budd’s Creek Race. Brandon’s incrementals on the blistering pass were 60′ .896, 330′ 2.415, 660′ 3.609!!

Congratulations Brandon and Team on the Win and Tim on the R/U!!!

 Frankie Taylor Pro Extreme Winner Budds Creek

Photo Courtesy XDRL

In the Budd’s Creek Race, Frankie Taylor won the headline Pro Extreme Class despite numerous problems, and also reset the Pro Extreme Record plus the track record in the process. He was “oh so close” to breaking into the 50’s again, but just couldn’t quite get there. Frankie’s two 3.604 passes in qualifying solidly put the new record in the books. Despite valve train problems, and even having to duct tape his throttle cable support during eliminatiosn, The Taylor Crew defeated Terry Leggett in an All NCRC final with a 3.613@207.59 vs Leggetts 3.693@207.11!

Congratulations Frankie and Team on your new Pro Extreme Record and Win!!! And Congrat’s to Terry and Team on the R/U!!

 Keving Rivenbark Xtreme Pro Mod Winner Budds Creek

Photo Courtesy XDRL

In X-Treme Pro Mod, Kevin Rivenbark driving the Galot Motorsports Pontiac Firebird took home the bacon with an upset win over T.J. Tindle in an All NCRC Final. Kevin ran 3.906@188.81 vs Tindles 3.940@187.99!

Congratulations to Kevin and Galot Motorsports on the Win and TJ on the Runner Up!!

 Danny Perry

Photo Courtesy

Danny Perry had a real good weekend qualifying #1 in Pro Nitrous with a 3.847 with one of our new Lockup Converters. He got to the finals and Runnered up against Bob Rahaim 3.824@196.39 to Perry’s 3.838@197.05.

Congrat’s on the Runner Up Danny!

 Charlie Cooper Supercar Showdown Winner Budds Creek

Photo Courtesy XDRL

We also want to give a shout out to Charlie Cooper who won the Super Car Showdown with a 5.499@128.21! Way to go Charlie!!