Ulsch Resets Outlaw 10.5 Record!!!!

Chuck Ulsch New World Record for Outlaw 10.5

Photo Courtesy Edge of Speed

Chuck Ulsch and Mobley Motorsports Team have taken reins of the Outlaw 10.5 World Record!!

October 11th at Cecil County Dragway’s Outlaw Street Car Shoot Out, Chuck Ulsch qualified #2 with a 4.02, just edging out teammate Mike Decker in the #3 spot, also with a 4.02. In eliminations, The Mobley Motorsports Team unleashed a string of bracket like 3 second passes, 3.99, 3.98 and a record breaking 3.978@190.89 in the final for the win over Joe Newsham. who ran an off pace 4.752.

Congrats to Chuck Ulsch, Gil and the Mobley Motorsports Team on the win and the new World record in Outlaw 10.5!!!!