Birdman and Boosted GT Score Wins at Redemption 5!!!

James Finney - Birdman wins Redemption 5.0 Big Tire!!

Photo Courtesy National No Prep Racing Association

James Finney aka “Birdman” and Gary Weatherly are still on their World Domination Tour, with the latest stop at Redemption 5 at Texas Raceway July 16th. Birdman defeated Cody James in the “Warpath” Vette in the Big Tire Class to take home the big $$$$$ yet again!

Congratulations to James, Gary and Crew Chad Rogers, Nick Guettler, Howie Crabtree & Chris Wright on your big win! Way to go!!!

Chris Hamilton - Boosted GT wins Redemption 5.0 Small Tire!!

Photo Courtesy National No Prep Racing Association

We’re also proud to present another new member of Team Chance, Chris Hamilton aka “Boosted GT”, who took home the $10k win in Small Tire!! That was a heck of a job against 49 cars, not to mention getting it done in the heat to boot!

Congratulations Chris, Kayla and Crew Shayne Ward, Rob Sitton, Juan Esquivel Jr,. Rick Scott, Francisco Vega, Cody Jones, Clint Witt & Andre Davis on your big win!!!